Josh Brolin is in the role of Thanos, a very muscled up Brolin at that, a villain with one goal, utter domination of the universe, yeah starting small isn’t he? We’ve seen the introduction of Infinity Stones in Marvel films such as Guardians of The Galaxy and Doctor Strange and so far are only missing the Soul Gem, with many have guessed involves dear old Heimdal, Idris Elba, from the Thor films.

Footage shown at the San Dieago Comic-Con showed Brolin’s Thanos laying the smack down on Avenger members with only two of the Infinity Stones, so it’s safe to say the devastation he will cause with the full set is going to be incredible.

The Russo Brothers have shown their ability to handle multiple characters in one film and share out the screen time effectively with Captain America: Civil War. The challenge this time around will not just be giving each character a fair share of the lime light but making sure each character fits with the tone set in their own respective movies. 

Thirty-two Marvel Characters will be in Avengers: Infinity War! THIRTY-TWO! This film is beyond huge; this is next level insanity huge. For 8 years Marvel fans have patiently been waiting for this moment and the screen footage and set photos are teasing a pay off that will blow the minds of all that watch it.


We’ve seen such variation in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and not just in character but in style of filming. Peyton Reed gave us a retro stylistic heist movie with Ant-Man, James Gunn went full 1980’s space opera with Guardians of the Galaxy and The Russo Brothers gave us the classic 1970’s feeling political thriller which was Captain America: The Winter Soldier. How the Russo’s approach Infinity War and its sequel will be key to how all these characters interact.

I’m already salivating at the thought of the pure comedy golden moments that await, imagine a conversation between the Hulk and Groot, Thor and Rocket, Tony Stark and Doctor Strange! Okay, that last one was less about comedy moments and more about who has the best facial hair. Seriously though, there are going to be some great interactions amongst all the action, at least that is my hope, I trust the Russo’s will not let us down and will manage the balance perfectly.

Published by Richard Marshall