Published by Steven White.

Steve also wants to see more Glee but is too afraid to admit it.

When I first wrote this article it included a look at The X-Files and some compelling reasons why that should be on the air again, it has since been announced by Fox that Carter, Anderson and Duchovny are back for a six episode special event, look forward to an article all about it and following my rewatch of the whole series look for some reviews and my top 10 episodes.
There are the five that stand out most for me though there are some other shows that I would love to see more of, Fringe and Futurama being fairly high on the list behind these ones, though selfishly as they both ended recently and had great endings. What do you think of my choices and what would you like to see return to television? It goes without saying that we all would like to see the long overdue return of Gilmore Girls…

My Name Is Earl:

Jason Lee was a revelation as the titular character of a karma fuelled quest for redemption, Earl has made a list of all the wrongs he has done and sets out to become a better person by making up for them. Running for four consistently quality seasons the show was cut off without any real resolution and I (and I’m sure other fans) would like to know how Earl’s story turned out. 

Buffy The vampire Slayer:

Joss Whedon has gone from strength to strength recently and has had some quality output and of course the blockbuster Avengers may be the height of this but Buffy is for me where it all began, a favourite show of mine and one that I return to often. The Dark Horse comic continuation has reasonably well done but I’d trade that in for a short return to Buffy’s world, a high quality limited series could be the perfect revival, that’s if they don’t remake the whole thing anyway (please no).

Pushing Daisies:

Ned (Lee Pace) is a pie maker with the ability to bring the dead back to life with a touch, which obviously causes all sorts of problems! A quirky and witty series with a unique visual style that much like Reaper only ran for 2 series but really deserved a lot more of our time. Creator Fuller (the mastermind behind Hannibal) has spoken about how a miniseries would be great for the show and I very much agree. I would love to see more of this unusual and fantastic show. 


A supernatural comedy following the adventures of Sam (a really likable Bret Harrison) who unfortunately has been locked into servitude of the devil (the best on screen representation of Lucifer by the masterful Ray Wise) following a deal his parents made. The show had the opportunity to wrap up quite nicely during the season 2 final but alas you never know when and if a show will be cancelled. This show deserves a limit series to resolve of the loose ends and also because who doesn’t want to see the further adventures of Sam, Sock, Ben and Andi?

Netflix I’m looking at you…

Here are four shows that I would like to see return to our screens:


With Heroes Reborn on the horizon along with the recent revival of 24 I’ve been thinking about some other shows that I would like to see return in a limit series format, I think the 10-12 episode structure works to give a more concise and focused plot leading to a far more consistent show, I’m thinking Game of Thrones and Breaking bad as being examples of shows with a shorter run that have been of a consistently better quality, Broadchurch and True Detective have shown what one off series structures are capable of.