Published by Richard Marshall


With Marvel’s continued success at the box office I can only hope Lego are inspired to make a follow up to this game. (Even though, I will no doubt take forever in completing this one!)

Seasoned Lego game players will know there are the standard Story Mode and the Free Play mode for those that want to unlock every single feature! I’ll be honest; I’m not that type of gamer. Well not yet. So for now I’m more than happy gong through the Story Mode. This in itself is so in depth and such a laugh, it has quickly become my favourite Lego Video Game. And I never thought anything would top Lego Star Wars!

Now for those familiar with Lego games you won’t find anything ground breaking here, and to be honest that doesn’t matter. Lego have created a winning formula here and if it aint broke! What they do well is bring in each Marvel characters powers and skill set. To a comic book fan the hidden nods and references will have you grinning with excitement and to the casual game player there is still a level of humour that will have you chuckling even if you don’t get all the geeky references. 

The best thing about this current addiction is that it’s not just mine; somehow I’ve managed to get my girlfriend addicted too! Now it’s not often couples can sit and enjoy a video game together so I’m pretty chuffed about this. The great thing is apart from being a great game, it’s so detailed and includes so many Marvel characters that this is not only a great Marvel Education for those not familiar with all of the characters but it really is an epic crossover that fully immerses you on each level and really show cases what the Marvel universe has to offer. 

I’m struggling to write this as I have an overwhelming urge to go back to playing Lego: Marvel Super Heroes! I was late to the party on this one but since firstly downloading the iPhone version of the game and then getting the PS3 version, it’s safe to say we are in full addiction territory!