Here, we will cover off what we know so far before taking a trip down memory lane to see what got Nintendo to this primitive point in its existence. 

Before we leave and retro gaming gets put back in its box in the attic, why not go ahead and dig out that old bad boy console and reminisce about all those wondrous days we spent going down drain pipes, or the frustration of sliding on a banana skin! Give those cartridges a good hard blow and show the new kids how we did it “back in the day”.

There are very few details available about the games scheduled to be released, but Nintendo have said that that the first game will be ready for release by the end of this year, with all five out by March 2017. 

Before we start, let’s not get confused by the title. Nintendo is not going to be making nor releasing a smartphone, but imagine how cool that would be! 

Instead, Nintendo have confirmed that they will be releasing FIVE (yes, five!) mobile games by 2017. 

Published by Stewart Reading-Brown

Firstly, this isn’t an exclusive venture by Nintendo. While the project is being spearheaded by non-other than the producer of Mario Kart 8, Hideki Konno, most of the leg work will be done by a company known as DeNA (that D-N-A in-case you were wondering). You may (or may not) recognise the gaming creators by their name but you may have heard its arm companies, ngmco and Mobage. If not, you should go check them out. 



I know what you’re wondering; will we see our red hatted, goomba stomping plumber of a hero raiding our pocket screen real estate in 2017? Well Nintendo haven’t ruled out our favourite characters making an appearance on our smartphones but haven’t confirmed it either, so we will need to be patient until more details become available. What we know is that DeNA will be looking to create brand new games, so while classic characters could make the jump, the chance of retro Nintendo gaming looks slim (but never say never, right Nintendo?! (Nudge nudge)).