There have been rumblings, a disturbance in the Force one could say. Rumours of a Doctor Doom movie are rife. One without an appearance by the Fantastic Four! Yep, figure that one out.
After the dire reception Josh Trank’s Fantastic Four reboot got, you could be forgiven for rolling your eyes at such news. Never has a movie promised so much and delivered so little. Let me be clear though, this is not Josh Trank’s fault. More so a studio with no faith and not letting him go through with his original plan, cutting multiple action sequences and forcing reshoots without him present. What is left is a total mess.

Trank gathered some beautiful ingredients for this film; on paper this could have been a pure gem of a movie. In reality it ended up jumbled and ultimately failed.

Fans just seem to not take to the Fantastic Four and 20th Century Fox will be scratching their heads on how to get them over with audiences alike. With Sony going for a Venom film it seems they have gone for the same approach, after all Sony seem to be unable to sell the hero too so maybe this approach of ditching the heroic lead and focusing on the villain could be the way forward.

After all, people love an anti-hero. Wolverine has never shied from slicing people up, which hardly sits with the goody good approach of Captain America, so a Doctor Doom led film focusing on his extreme approach to peace may a least serve as an entry point to later bringing back the Fantastic Four. If not, we may see another Marvel property return home. This is beyond tantalising to me. After the brilliant re-introduction to Peter Parker/Spider-Man into the Marvel Cinematic Universe and the superb casting of Tom Holland, can you imagine how they would approach this?

So, we either get an awesome Doctor Doom film or we get the possibility of Marvel taking back ownership and a proper reboot occurring? I think I can live with either of those options.