Marvel have made Keaton’s Vulture a believable bad guy, something that Spider-Man villains have struggled to be seen as, even nods to other Spider-Man villains such as The Scorpion and The Shocker were done in ways that felt natural and again, believable. Sony, for all their effort, struggled to get audiences to connect to the threat that they portrayed, previous baddies such as Sandman and Venom were just CGI overloaded car crashes and they simply failed to bring any sense of danger. This time around you genuinely feel that the threat is real and that our beloved hero should probably just call on The Avengers to get the job done.

Another side to Peter Parker is his desire to prove himself, to prove he can be in this world of legends and gods and monsters and hold his own. A desire that has him quickly scuppering bank robberies whilst also and becoming a thorn in Michael Keaton’s side. Now it may just be me, but that’s not something I would suggest, the man is awesomely chilling when he wants to be and he fills the role of the Vulture beautifully. Perfectly embodying a man that will do whatever it takes to provide for those he loves, in this age of financial crisis and corporate greed, it’s easy to sympathise with him. Honestly I found myself rooting for him at times, this may be more to do with the fact that Michael Keaton is just a superb actor who commands any scene he is in. 

Marvel have not just used “Homecoming” as a cheeky nod to Spider-Man coming back to the Marvel house, but also use it as a perfect entry to where we find Peter Parker. Still trying to get his head around his amazing exploits in Captain America: Civil War, we see Peter also juggling high school dangers such as asking a girl out to the school dance, I’m being serious, that to me is far more threat filled that simply having to tackle gun wielding bad guys! 

From the moment we see Tom Holland, his infectious excitement of being a kid from Queens pulled into a world of legends is overwhelming, it’s a feeling of shuddering thrill and hairs standing on the back of my neck, a feeling I get every single time I see the Marvel Studios logo come up on the silver screen. Peter Parker has always been that geeky kid that just happened upon super powers, a kid with no idea how to deal with the social nightmare of high school let alone the “great responsibility” of being a superhero. It’s that, which has always made him so relatable. 



Marvel know their characters through and through and they know how to make them work on the big (and little) screen. Spider-Man is home, and hopefully it will be a long stay.  

Published by Richey Marshall

I have nothing but love for Tobey McGuire and Andrew Garfield. Both their takes on Peter Parker/Spider-Man were truly, great performances. They gave their own take on a beloved comic book character and did all they could to portray a true reflection of the web-slinging hero. That said, there was always something missing, something not quite there. Something that Tom Holland has brought to Spider-Man: Homecoming in abundance, the ability to make you feel the excitement of being a superhero!  

Now, please excuse me. I think I spy a Trekkie with a Bat’leth heading this way!

With a good script and fast paced action courtesy of Lin’s direction, the next Star Trek instalment could have Star Wars fans crying over their Jedi robe onesies in pure jealousy!

There was a time when there was a definite divide amongst Geeks and Nerds. Some would say there still is. But when I was younger it felt more prominent. There were lines drawn; sides chosen. You had the TV shows you liked, the comic book brands you preferred and the franchises you stuck with. Don’t get me wrong there was a middle ground. No not a Middle Earth, that’s a different article all together! A middle ground, where you had Geeks and Nerds liking the same movie or comic book. It doesn’t happen that often. But it does happen