Meet and greets aside, what was polished, to a super sparkling finish, was the action sequences. The fight scenes were bone crunching, each Defender using their own brand of violence to smash each foolish baddie into the ground.  The Hand is the ever-present big bad in The Defenders, previously making their mark in Daredevil and Iron Fist. Now back and led by Sigourney Weaver’s Alexandra Reid. It’s nice to see a face to The Hand (Yep, I know that sounds weird!) having a looming presence of villainy is all well and good, but comic book hero’s are at their best when faced by a foe of equal greatness and Weaver puts in a brilliant performance as leader of The Hand.

Thankfully though, the set up is done right and we are able to get on with meeting a brilliant new villain, Alexandra Reid played by the legendary Sigourney Weaver. There is a quite yet wonderfully smug air to Weaver’s portrayal. Unlike previous villains in the Marvel/Netflix world, Weaver has a calm confidence that oozes a cold malevolence. It makes for an interesting counter to the hot-tempered power that The Defenders bring to the table. 

Published by Richey Marshall

If you have been watching Marvel’s Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage and Iron Fist, then the chances are you are beyond excited to see them all gathered for The Defenders! If you haven’t, well then I’m kind of wondering why the hell you are reading this, I mean don’t get me wrong, thank you, but seriously! Go watch all the shows I just mentioned then come back. Ok, we all up to speed? Good. So let’s talk about The Defenders!



For a first season this has raised the bar yet again. Marvel’s TV shows on Netflix, with possible exception to Iron Fist, have done exceptionally well, and I would think that this collaboration will help each individuals show reach new ratings highs. 



Now we all know the routine with ensemble stories, there is the inevitable intro and what are they up to now catch up. I’ll be honest, this part dragged for me, not because the storytelling, script or performances were to blame. Nope, quite simply I was just sat there like a kid bouncing on the sofa screaming at the TV “Hurry and meet!!”
My own impatience made the first couple of episodes drag for me, only because like everyone else I’ve been waiting for these characters to meet ever since Marvel announced there would be a Defenders TV show. 

Like many, I’ve been itching to see the character interactions that we have yet to see. Where as we have seen how “close” Jessica Jones and Luke Cage have been with each other before, the rest of the team have yet to cross paths. Thankfully with an 8-episode run we aren’t left too long till we get to see the dry with of Krysten Ritter’s Jessica Jones married up with the mythical origins of Finn Jones’s Danny Rand. Although Mike Colter’s Luke Cage might just have the best reactions of the lot once faced with blind ninjas and a guy with a glowing fist! His “WTF!” looks are a thing of beauty!

In fairness though, the way the build up to the inevitable meet ups are dealt with are much more fluid and natural than I thought would be the case. As much as my petulant impatience craved for them all to meet right away and start kicking butt, the build-ups tempo was just right. Each character was afforded a proper catch up and there was no sense of spoon-feeding the entire back-story to the uninitiated. Not an easy task, as I’m sure there was a temptation to give much more background.