Taika looks to have gone back to basics with the God of Thunder and just had fun. The proof? Well, he’s big, green, angry and “A friend from work!” yep, HULK! Joss Whedon worked Thor and Hulk beautifully in the first Avengers movie and having them team up in Thor: Ragnarok is nothing short of genius. The banter between them is sheer comedy gold and having Hulk run rampage through Asgard while the ever-lovable Mark Ruffalo looks on bewildered, as Bruce Banner will be an utter joy to watch.


I know what you are thinking, what worked for James Gunn may not work for all, but lets face it, even the most die hard comic book fan must be feeling a touch of superhero overload at the cinema, so fresh takes on these beloved characters are desperately needed. Take Patty Jenkins approach to Wonder Woman. Classic and bold and some wonderful scenes of heart warming moments and brilliant comedy. Thor, like Wonder Woman, is a hard character to sell, both set in almost Shakespearian styles, they are hard to fit into a modern audiences mind set. 

Let’s face it, Thor: The Dark World was a very low point for the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Given the fact that Marvel usually knocks it out the park on everyone of their cinema releases they can be forgiven for the odd slip up. But here’s the thing, Thor is a character that needs to be done right as he is a huge part of the Marvel franchise. So how do you come back from a dire sequel entry and entice fans back? 80’s funk up the next film of course! 

Taika Waititi, best known for What We Do In The Shadows, is the man tasked at getting Thor cool again. His best moments have been ones of comedic fish out of water scenes which previous directors, Kenneth Branagh and Joss Whedon, managed to perfectly juggle with all the muscle bound action sequences. 

For all its vigour, Thor: The Dark World just couldn’t balance those two key ingredients. It’s not to say they were absent completely, more that the storyline of the film just dragged the overall tone down completely.
Taika has clearly seen how audiences fawned over Guardians of the Galaxy and taken the bold approach James Gunn went for. For that I salute him! I know it’s early days and easy to assume, but if the above trailer, scored by an excellent Led Zepplin track, is anything to go by, then I think his boldness will pay off.

Add to the mix a proper good villain Cate Blanchet superbly cast as Hela, devoted to nothing but the utter destruction of Asgard, chuck in a sci-fi legend, Mr Jeff Goldblum, taking on the role of the Grandmaster, with the ever so tricky Loki, again played by the delicious Tom Hiddleston, then dip the whole thing in wonderful neon Technicolor and we may have a true Marvel gem on our hands.  

Given that we have been teased a certain amount of change coming up in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, it will be interesting to see how this film links directly onto Avengers: Infinity War. Major character deaths cannot be ruled out, even if Marvel may bring them back in another film, but with actor contracts rumoured to be ending soon we may see Thor: Ragnorak kick off the start of the Infinity War. One thing is for sure, Thor is back in a big way, and we are in for a hell of a ride in this film.

Published by Richard Marshall